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  Introduction Of Henghui Net

  As first portal of chinese maketers - Henghui Net is a network platform which chinese marketers share their marketing resources, "creat together,win-win,share together"is its cultural core, adhering to the "original plan" principle, and it is a integrated portal which is committed to servicing personal dealers and commercial enterprises.


  Lots of enterprises classes and wide demand side,individuals need a development platform, business enterprises also need developing,Henghui Net try to integrate the public demand for innovation,and union industry professionals, combined with the characteristics of the industry,providing professional services and innovative information. In"creat together,win-win,share together"cultural core guidance,Henghui Net will build a marketing portal platform which of the most active online-offline interaction,and the most comprehensive of the city classified information.

  Henghui Net also has vast amounts of dealer information,marketing training handouts,marketing case,market research reports,members of the original articles,etc.for members to share online viewing or download.In addition,Henghui FMCG Mall and Henghui FMCG Merchants are most important of Henghui Net.

  Henghui FMCG Mall is located in an FMCG marketing platform electricity supplier to the sub-stations throughout the city, while conncting with the national platforms.


  Registering Henghui members,you can enjoy premium services and upload products in Henghui FMCG Mall,not only transfering information between network members,but also passing the information to the non-members and better promoting your products.Local city online promotion give businesses and individual dealers more business opportunities! For businesses to win more sales opportunities to show!

  Henghui FMCG Merchants is the industry portal platform of dealers,including dealers operating collection,factory release merchants information,dealers archives,etc.on the one hand,it facilitate dealers to learn doing business,marketing business,and manufacturers cooperation business;on the other hand,it also convenient to factory select dealers or dealers select brand agency.Merchants channel not only provides convenient access to services for the individual dealers, but also for businesses to win more sales opportunities to show!


  Of course, many other Henghui Net channels are also wonderful,FMCG industry hotspot and a variety of marketing cases and marketing tips,dealers ollection,not only you can understand the dynamics of marketing in the first time,but also you can strengthen your own marketing skills,create more opportunities for your future business marketing development.




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